Where to Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine: A Comprehensive Guide

It’s not that easy to find good, quality wine everywhere that is alcohol free. Where to buy non-alcoholic wine can feel like a task when you decide you want it last minute. You might think you can just go to a grocery store and pick up a bottle of whatever they’ve got, but why risk it once you know where to go.

In this article, we will explore where to buy non-alcoholic wine from both retail stores, online, and local delivery operators!

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Why Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine?

There are many reasons why you would want to purchase non-alcoholic wine. Whether it’s due to religious beliefs, pregnancy, or just not wanting the alcohol content of a glass of wine with dinner there are lots of good options available for buying this product.

The alcohol free wine options are rapidly expanding and there is much available, from Cabernet Sauvignon to Chardonnay to bottles and cans of bubbly rosé. 

Shipping can be tricky too, depending on the store, the weight of wine, and the weather. Below is a comprehensive guide to all the best options for finding non-alcoholic wine.

Where to Buy Non-Alcoholic Wine Online

Whether you prefer to shop online or not, the truth is, most of the best non-alcoholic wines are found at online shops that specialize in alcohol free products. A lot of these online shops will even offer pre order options for new and up and coming products.

Alcohol free wines are actually a relatively new product, so they may not always be available in your local grocery store. However, the upside to this is that if you’re looking for something specific or more exotic than what’s on offer at your local grocer there are great retailers with both physical stores and online shops!

The simple advantage of purchasing your non-alcoholic wine online is time savings. Pick what you want and it gets delivered right to you. It using only requires a couple days of advance planning. Below is the full lineup of best online shops that supply the best nonalcoholic wines:

  1. Boisson – *EDITOR’S CHOICE* – Boisson is great place to shop for a wide variety of well-curated alcohol free products, online or in store. They offer local delivery within 2 miles of any of their locations in New York, San Francisco, and LA, or shop online and pick up if you’re nearby. Free shipping with $150 purchase.
  2. Proof No More – *BEST FOR SINGLE CANS* – Online retailer with a large selection of non-alcoholic wine and beer, plus a growing selection of alcohol free spirits. They offer a lot of products by the single can, so you can try several different brands at once. Free shipping over $99 or $10 flat rate for anything under. This is one of the best shipping policies outside of Amazon.
  3. Amazon – Amazon has a surprisingly large selection of non-alcoholic wine, beer and spirits, and they ship to more places than anyone else. While you can’t get everything here, it’s definitely a great option that’s convenient. Free shipping with Amazon Prime.
  4. Better Rhodes – This online store has a wide variety of non-alcoholic wines, beer, and spirits from all around the world, plus monthly curated boxes. $10 flat rate shipping with purchase over $75.
  5. No & Low – No & Low has a great selection of alcohol-free options. They do not currently sell non-alcoholic beer, but they have many options for spirits, wine, and products that come ready to drink.
  6. The Dry Goods Beverage Company – Alcohol free online bottle shop founded by a couple from Napa Valley and the wine and beverage industry, so they know a thing or two about wine.
  7. The Zero Proof Bottle Shop is another excellent online retailer for finding non-alcoholic wine. They have a wide selection of wines and spirits from all around the world, and they ship to customers in the United States. The Zero Proof launched wine and spirit sales, but does not currently sell non-alcoholic beer.
  8. Nanobar – This online shop has a nicely curated selection of alcohol free spirits, wine, and craft beer, plus a monthly membership that provides free 2-day shipping.
  9. BevMo – BevMo is a California-based liquor store chain that sells wine, beer, and spirits. Bevmo has an online presence as well, but shipping to certain states may be restricted.

Buy In Store with These Alcohol Free Retailers

  1. Boisson is a great place to shop for alcohol free products, online or in store. They offer local delivery within 2 miles of any of their locations in New York, San Francisco, and LA, or shop online and pick up if you’re nearby.
  2. BevMo – BevMo is a California-based liquor store chain that sells wine, beer, and spirits. Bevmo has an online presence as well, but shipping to certain states may be restricted.
  3. Total Wine & More – This retailer offers non-alcoholic wines in their stores across the United States.
  4. Walmart has a sizable collection on NA wine online, but only a few can be found in store.

It should also be noted that these retailers have lots of non alcoholic options and you can also shop online with them.

Quick & Easy Delivery Options from Local Retailers

  1. Drizly – a mobile app that can connect you to local liquor stores for delivery. They even have a selection of non-alcoholic wines! Drizly is an excellent option if you’re looking for convenience and speed when it comes to getting your favorite drink delivered right to your door from a number of local retailers. They are available in many locations but not all.
  2. Instacart – You might not think of Instacart when you want to find an alcohol free beverage, but it can be a great resource, especially if you need something last minute. You can search across all stores at once to see what is available in your area. (link to Instacart)
  3. Whole Foods – If there is a Whole Foods grocery store in your area, you can order pickup or delivery through Amazon (check options for your location here). They have a small selection of bottles available.

Where to Buy Non Alcoholic Wine Near You at Retail Stores

The list of retail stores carrying non-alcoholic beverages is constantly expanding! Stay tuned as we are working on a comprehensive list of non alcoholic bottle shops and retailers in every state.

A few great bottle shops that carry non-alcoholic wine include Sipple in Houston, Spirited Away and Boisson in New York, and Soft Spirits in LA. Better Rhodes even has a tasting room and showroom in Madison, CT.

Best Non-Alcoholic Wines and Wine Alternatives

There are so many reasons you might choose non-alcoholic wines over the alcoholic variety. No matter the reason, there is a decent selection of non-alcoholic wines available.

The best way to enjoy these wines is with food, just like alcoholic wine. Make a charcuterie and cheese board and enjoy! These are two of the best non-alcoholic wine alternatives available:

Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay

Sparkling has by far been the best genre of non-alcoholic wine and this one is the closest alcohol free beverages to Champagne without alcohol I’ve tasted. It’s a dealcoholized wine that’s organic, vegan, halal, low-intervention, and just plain fun to drink. Read 15 Reasons to Drink Noughty, Best Non-Alcoholic Champagne Substitute.

Check the latest price for Noughty Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay

For comprehensive reviews of alcohol free wine options available, see the Non Alcoholic Wine page and Top 20 Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

non alcoholic wine pear combo
NON Wine Alternatives (read full review)

FAQ about Alcohol Free Wine

Do grocery stores sell non-alcoholic wine?

Yes, grocery stores do sell non-alcoholic wine. However, the selection is usually limited and you may not be able to find the variety of wines that you are looking for. Tip: rather than driving around town, check online first. The pandemic forced a lot of grocery stores to set up online shops for pick up and delivery. You can see available stock without leaving home. Whole Foods through Amazon is a good example of this.

Is there a drinkable non-alcoholic wine?

Yes, there are a number of drinkable non-alcoholic wines available. The best way to find the right wine for you is to try a few different varieties and see which ones you like best. You can start with one of the options above, or a grab a mixed box on Better Rhodes to try a few different brands.

Do you have to be 21 to buy non-alcoholic wine?

No, in most cases, you do not have to be 21 or older in order to buy non-alcoholic wine. However, some states have specific age requirements for any product with alcohol content at all, even if it’s under 0.5% (like kombucha and many non-alcoholic spirits and beers).

Where to Buy Non Alcoholic Beer

In general, non-alcoholic beer has been more popular than non-alcoholic wine, where taste is concerned. If you are also interested in non-alcoholic beer, you can find it at many of the same retailers, in store and online.

Non-alcoholic beer is a great ready to drink beverage as an alternative to alcohol or just something different than flavored sparkling water. Not to mention all the possible health benefits that come with drinking it. 

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Hi, I’m Angela! Ever since alternative beverages made their debut, I’ve been on a mission to find the best. As someone who loves wine and making craft cocktails, I approach each new beverage with curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism. I hope these honest reviews will help you learn which non-alcoholic drinks are best for you.