20 Best Non Alcoholic Drinks to Stock up for Dry January

kin spritz canned non alcoholic spritz

Dry January on your agenda? Whether it’s a month off or a more healthful habit you are looking to cultivate, these 20 best non alcoholic drinks come ready-to-drink and will get you through the month more effortlessly. 

Out of all the below options, the top pick for ready-made drinks to keep around for Dry January is the Kin Spritz by Kin Euphorics (link to check price on Amazon). It’s the perfect serving size, it’s festive on ice with an orange peel, and it’s great for an aperitivo. 

It was really hard to pick a favorite. While Kin Spritz should be on the top of your list, there are so many more delicious options to get you started in your journey of consuming less alcohol. Whether or not you continue sober life past January, it’s likely you will keep some of these healthier beverage options at home long-term. 

To get started with Dry January, these are some of the brands you should get to know. Mixing mocktails is really fun, but sometimes it’s best to start new habits the easiest way possible. In this case, that might be stocking up on ready made non alcoholic beverages.

Here is the list of best non alcoholic drinks, most of them ready-made for Dry January: 


Kin Euphorics Kin Spritz is the best non alcoholic drink to keep handy. Kin adds adaptogens and nootropics in their beverages, which is unique to other non alcoholic drinks. Kin Spritz comes in a cute, squatty and colorful can, which can be enjoyed either straight out of the can, or my preferred option: over ice with an orange peel. If you like spritzes with Aperol or Campari, this will hit the spot for a non-alcoholic version, and transport you directly to Italy. I like to call it Roma in a can.      


High Rhode is a pre-batched non alcoholic drink with an herbaceous flavor profile, describe by Kin as “earthy florals, tart citrus, and warming spice.” It comes in a bottle with 8 servings, and can be mixed in creative mocktails or simply club soda and lime.Kin adds adaptogens and nootropics in their beverages, which is unique to other non alcoholic drinks, for a boost in mind and mood.  


Mindful Mule is Spirity Cocktail’s take on the Moscow Mule. The Mule is a favorite of this brand, and only has 35 calories per can. Spirity Cocktails doesn’t call itself kombucha, but it is a fermented tea product, and the ginger and slight citrus flavor of the Mindful Mule taste similar to a ginger kombucha. This is a winner for Dry January and anyone looking to cut the alcohol. 


Mindful Margarita does not taste exactly like a margarita, but was crafted in the spirit of a margarita with lime, lemongrass, and cane sugar. It’s slightly bitter, not a sweet beverage. It’s refreshing, and only 25 calories per serving. 


Like the other Spirity Cocktails, Mindful Negroni is made from fermented tea and aged for 3 years. It’s a delight to sip on when skipping alcohol. It has a slightly bitter taste, with hints of cardamom, allspice, cloves, and matured herbal botanicals. Serve in an old fashioned glass over ice with an orange peel, just like a Negroni. 


best non alcoholic drink curious elixirs 1

An ode to the classic cocktail, Negroni, Curious Elixir No. 1 is herbal, bitter, and delicious. Curious Elixirs boast these benefits in No. 1: Rhodiola and gentian for energy and bitters and pomegranate for digestion and inflammation. 


best non alcoholic drink curious elixirs 2

Curious Elixir No. 2 is a tropical blend with pineapple, orange juice, ginger, lime, chilis, and the Mayan herb, damiana. Think a non alcoholic mix between a pineapple margarita and a Dark & Stormy cocktail. Curious Elixirs boasts the potential health benefits present in their beverages, and here are some in Elixir No. 2: pineapple for inflammation, damiana is considered an aphrodisiac, and ginger is known to aid in digestion. 


best non alcoholic drink curious elixirs 3

Curious Elixir No. 3 contains ashwagandha, a plant used in Ayurvedic practice for centuries. It tastes similar to a non alcoholic Cucumber Collins with herbs, flowers, cucumber, and lemon. Potential health benefits might include a boost in energy, reduced stress, and aid in digestion, not to mention the obvious added benefit of not drinking alcohol. 

9. Gruvi Prosecco 

Gruvi’s Non-Alcoholic Prosecco is a great substitute for a slightly sweet prosecco. It’s light and refreshing, and comes in 10oz bottles that have 50 calories/11g sugar, in addition to having 0% alcohol. It doesn’t exactly taste like the real thing, but the spirit is there – it’s slightly floral and tart, crisp and delicately sweet.

10. Gruvi Non-Alcoholic Bubbly Rosé 

Gruvi’s rosé comes in 10oz bottles that contain 50 calories/13g sugar. They also have 0% alcohol, unlike other non alcoholic beverages, which can contain up to .5%ABV. Gruvi Bubbly Rose was also selected as the best non alcoholic wine for the James Beard Zero Proof Dinner in New York 2020. High regards indeed. 

This list of the easiest and best non alcoholic drinks would not be complete without mentioning some of the best tasting non alcoholic beers. If you want to find out more about the potential health benefits of non-alcoholic beer, there is a lot of detail in this article.

11. Athletic Brewing Company Run Wild IPA

The beers at Athletic Brewing Company are brewed just like craft beer, except there are more than 10 changes to the typical process. Through this monitoring method, they can control the alcohol content without having to put the beverage through an alcohol-removal process. At only 70 calories, it’s smooth with a balanced level of bitterness. 

12. HOP WTR 

HOP WTR is a non alcoholic beer with adaptogens and nootropics for a balanced buzz, and ingredients like ashwagandha that boast health benefits.  The blood orange flavor is crisp and delicious. 

13. Athletic Brewing Company Cerveza 

Another hit from Athletic Brewing Company, Cerveza is a great day drinker. It’s light and fresh, and you might consider adding a little lime wedge for that extra light beer flair. Included is the link to a variety pack of non alcoholic beers by Athletic Brewing Company, because they are all worth trying and you might as well keep a stash around for Dry January. 

14. PARTAKE Brewing Pale

This award-winning take on a non-alcoholic pale ale is impressive. Partake’s beers are very low in calories: most are 10 calorie – a great choice for a low carb non alcoholic beer, and a favorite for beer lovers on a keto diet. Partake Pale has zero carbs. It’s crisp, with flavors like grapefruit and orange zest.


BrewDog makes some great non-alcoholic beers. You can snap up a variety pack on Amazon, which includes a Punk AF IPA, Wake Up Call Stout, Hazy AF IPA, and the Nanny State Golden Ale. Punk AF IPA tastes similar to a session IPA. Based on reviews, it seems to be the favorite of the pack, but all are great non alcoholic beers.

Another type of product that you might consider stocking up for Dry January is kombucha. It’s a bubbly beverage fermented from tea, packed with healthy probiotics. There are multitudes of flavors from which to choose. When you’re skipping alcohol and making healthier choices, it can be a great substitute. Here are a couple of the top picks for best non alcoholic beverages in the kombucha category. 


Made with flavors of hawthorn berry, mangosteen and pink rose, Bubbly Rose is refreshing and delicious. It contains added sugar, so consider pouring a little over ice and/or mixing with sparkling water, for a lighter, refreshing non alcoholic beverage. 


A feat for any kombucha, this Humm product is Whole30-approved. Humm Ginger does not have any added sugar, containing only 5g of sugar per can. They carry variety packs with different flavors, perfect for stocking up. Link below is for the variety pack, but ginger is always a solid choice.

There are also some easy, two-ingredient mocktails that are easy to mix up and set you up for healthy, alcohol-free habits. Keep a bottle of one of these non alcoholic spirits handy, and mix with tonic water.*

18. Monday Zero Alcohol Gin: Non-alcoholic Gin & Tonic

After lots of taste-testing non alcoholic gins, Monday Zero Alcohol gin made the best version of a non-alcoholic gin and tonic. In addition, it can deliver some impressive non alcoholic classic cocktails. Read the full review of Monday gin with recipes.

19. Seedlip Garden 108: Garden & Tonic

Seedlip Garden 108 mixed with tonic water is a unique and refreshing herbal beverage. Inspired by the English countryside, Seedlip Garden has hints of pea, hay, and herbs. This Seedlip cocktail creation has been one of my personal go-to drinks, but there are several more in the Seedlip Garden review

20. Caleño: Caleño and Tonic

Caleño and Tonic is a tropical and unique non alcoholic take on a gin and tonic, using inca berry as one of the key ingredients in this non alcoholic spirit. It made some other great mocktails, discovered in the Caleño taste test

*Recommendation: Fever Tree Refreshingly Light Tonic Water (link to purchase on Amazon). 

To reiterate, Kin Spritz was the favorite of the best non-alcoholic drinks to get you through Dry January easily, but there are so many. Once you get a hang of drinking less alcohol, check out the mocktail recipes using some fun to mix non alcoholic spirits.