About Master of Mocktails

I’m Angela, and I founded Master of Mocktails. I love wine and a well-crafted cocktail. I have learned a lot about them over the years, traveling and taking classes for both – not to mention all the tastings.

During a short break from alcohol due to health issues, I discovered a world of alternative beverages. I was curious and wondering, do they taste like the real thing? Can they make delicious beverages? Even if they do, would I want to drink them? So, I started to pick them off the shelves and taste them, one by one.

Even though I have not stopped drinking alcohol completely, I have come to really enjoy keeping quality non-alcoholic products on hand in order to cut alcohol consumption down for overall health and wellness. 

Master of Mocktails is the journey of tasting non-alcoholic beverage products, making mocktails, and sharing the results.

It is my hope that through sharing these results, you will have a better idea of which non-alcoholic products will work best for you.