15 Reasons to Drink Noughty, Best Non-Alcoholic Champagne Substitute

Noughty Organic Sparkling Wine is the closest thing to non alcoholic champagne available. It’s made with organic ingredients and doesn’t contain any alcohol, which makes it the perfect celebratory drink for anyone skipping the booze, for a night, a week or even longer. 

bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne with a wine glass by a pool

Noughty is an excellent alternative to traditional Champagne compared to other non-alcoholic options because it has less sugar, sophisticated flavor and is made as a low-intervention wine. There are two options to choose from: an alcohol free sparkling Chardonnay and a non-alcoholic sparkling rosé. 

Champagne vs Sparkling Wines

If you’re into Champagne (or any kind of wine), you probably already know that a sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if it is from the Champagne region of France. The terroir is special there, creating the conditions for the best bubbles in the world.

While Noughty’s grapes do not come from this region, both of their sparkling products are the closest I’ve tasted to Champagne in the realm of non-alcoholic beverages. 

How it’s made: Noughty’s grapes are grown in La Mancha, Spain. After harvest, the grapes are first macerated for 4 hours with the skins.

As an alcohol removed sparkling wine, Noughty begins as a wine, but also uses a vacuum distillation method to remove the alcohol. This is the lowest intervention method of alcohol removable, while still retaining the aromas and flavors in the wine.

Before bottling, the wine is lightly carbonated. Then, at bottling, a small amount of sugar is added to achieve the best balance for each style.

So, what do these non alcoholic sparkling wines taste like?

Alcohol Free Sparkling Chardonnay

bottle of non-alcoholic Champagne with a wine glass by a pool

Noughty Organic Sparkling Chardonnay is made of 100% organically grown Chardonnay grapes from Southern Spain. It has a bright, green apple freshness and doesn’t taste sweet like other non-alcoholic sparkling wine I’ve tasted.

The wine’s delicate aromas are balanced by a crisp acidity. It would great with raw oysters. A wonderful alternative to Champagne!

Noughty’s alcohol free sparkling Chardonnay has 0% ABV, compared to the typical <5% quoted in a lot of non-alcoholic sparkling wine options. It only has 21 calories and 4.3g carbs per 5oz glass. 

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Alcohol Free Sparkling Rosé

noughty non alcoholic sparkling rose in a wine glass

Noughty Dealcoholized Sparkling Rosé is 100% alcohol free, just like the Sparkling Chardonnay. It’s made of Tempranillo grapes in Southern Spain.

The non-alchoholic sparkling rosé has 0% ABV just like the sparkling brut. It  has 25 calories and 8g carbs per 5oz glass. 

Flavors of ripe fruit, like berries or ripe pear are followed by a light sweetness. While the sparkling rose has more residual sugar, but it is not perceived as overly sweet. 

This non-alcoholic sparkling is richer in flavor than a rosé of Pinot you would normally find in Champagne or California – likely due to the use of Tempranillo grapes, grown in a much warmer climate. The bubbles and fragrant bouquet balance this richness. 

As for pairing, spicy Asian dishes would be perfect, like a Thai curry. I had it with pizza!

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Why Noughty Sparkling Wine is a great non-alcoholic Champagne alternative

If you have ever gone on a low sugar diet, you’ve likely learned that Champagne is generally lower in sugar content than other wines, especially white wines. However, it’s not that low on calories, since you’ll likely have more than one glass at a time.

Both Noughty sparkling wines have 25 calories or less per 5oz glass. Compared to a brut style Champagne, there are more carbs and sugar in Noughty, but significantly fewer calories.

Noughty is marketed as a low sugar beverage option, but both products do contain some sugar. Since they are non-alcoholic, it’s easier to consume more than one small 5oz glass at a time. Keep this in mind as the sugar can add up!

Non-Alcoholic Champagne Cocktails with Noughty

breakfast with a non alcoholic mimosa

Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay was tested in three cocktails: a classic mimosa, a non-alcoholic spritz with Wilfred’s aperitif, and a non-alcoholic French 75 cocktail with Monday Gin. 

The mimosa was excellent, but only add a dash of orange juice. The French 75 mocktail was fun to make, tasty, and a great way to use Noughty on the second day. However, since Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay is so great on it’s own, I prefer to drink it on it’s own.

mocktail supplies for a non alcoholic champagne cocktail

Why it’s Important to Drink Organic Products

There are many reasons why it’s important to drink organic products. For one, organic products are better for your health. They contain fewer toxins than non-organic products do, and they’re also more nutritious.

Organic products are also better for the environment. They use fewer pesticides and fertilizers than non-organic products do, which means they’re less harmful to the planet.

Finally, organic products support sustainable farming practices. By choosing organic products, you’re helping to keep our planet healthy and sustainable!

15 reasons why you should buy this non alcoholic sparkling wine, and not any other!

Whether you drink some alcohol or not, Noughty has a place on your wine rack. Below is a summary of all the reasons you should buy this excellent alcohol free sparkling and work it into the rotation:

  1. Noughty Sparkling Wine is organic, halal, and vegan. That’s three reasons!
  2. You can drink it with breakfast or anytime, guilt free!
  3. Noughty is also an excellent alternative to traditional wine because it has fewer calories.
  4. You can cut back on your alcohol consumption by working Noughty into the beverage rotation. 
  5. Noughty is so good it can (and should) be enjoyed alone, without the need to mix with juices and syrups.
  6. Perfect for a special occasion or celebration that might not have alcohol or require a non-alcoholic option, like a baby shower or wedding.
  7. Delivery straight to your door is more convenient than going to the store these days. Noughty Sparkling Wine is easy to find because it’s available at plenty of online retailers. 
  8. Noughty supports sustainable farming practices, so you know that your purchase is helping to keep our planet healthy.
  9. Noughty’s packaging is recyclable, so you can feel good about reducing your impact on the environment even more.
  10. You can feel great about your health by drinking less alcohol.
  11. Finally be able to go out with friends without worrying about how much you drink.
  12. Noughty has been approved by well-respected folks in the beverage industry.
  13. Noughty is a great gift for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol.
  14. Noughty is a minimal intervention wine, both in harvest and production.
  15. No headaches or hangover? Yes please!

FAQ About Alcohol Free Champagne

Can you buy alcohol-free champagne at the grocery store?

Yes, but it might be hard to find the one you want. With delivery straight to your door as an option, why waste your time searching locally? Order some and keep it around. See the below list of retailers.

Does non-alcoholic Champagne contain alcohol?

Some contain up to .5% alcohol by volume, about the same as kombucha or a very ripe banana. Noughty’s version of non alcoholic champagne is 0% ABV.

Where to Buy Noughty Sparkling Wine

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While there are many options for non-alcoholic wine, non-alcoholic sparkling wine seems to stand out ahead. They are more celebratory, and the flavor is often masked more by the bubbles. However, within this subset of alcohol free wine, many of them end up tasting like grape juice without any nuanced flavor that wine lovers typically enjoy.

After tasting quite a bit of non alcoholic wine (sparkling and still), I believe Noughty’s organic, dealcoholized sparkling wines are by far the best in flavor and quality.

Of the two, Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay was my favorite, but that is just personal preference. I drink a lot of bubbles – Champagne and sparkling wine (for educational purposes, of course), and Noughty Sparkling Chardonnay is a great alcohol free option. 

Whether you prefer a sparkling brut or rosé, Noughty is a great choice for a non alcoholic Champagne alternative.

Angela T.
Hi, I’m Angela! Ever since alternative beverages made their debut, I’ve been on a mission to find the best. As someone who loves wine and making craft cocktails, I approach each new beverage with curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism. I hope these honest reviews will help you learn which non-alcoholic drinks are best for you.