Best Fre Wine: A Low Cost Non-Alcoholic Wine for Parties

Stocking a bar for parties can be expensive. This is why we have decided to review all the products from Sutter Home’s alcohol free wines, Fre Wine, and share the best tasting options.

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When it comes to a party, there is nothing more important than having a good time. This can be a challenge at certain social events where people tend to focus on drinking, if you or a guest chooses not to drink alcohol. If you are throwing a party, offer some non-alcoholic options for those who prefer alcohol free beverages. Plus, non-alcoholic wines provide designated drivers for the event.

Are you looking for the best tasting Fre Wine?  Look no further!

Sutter Home, a well known name in the beverage industry, offers several flavors in the line of Fre alcohol removed wines, but not all of them will meet your specific palate. Out of those options, below are the top three choices for best tasting Fre wine based on customer reviews and flavor profiles.

Additionally, the prices on these wines are very reasonable, which makes them a good choice for parties or occasions where higher quantity is needed like a baby shower or New Year’s Eve party.

These Fre wines have been reviewed by lots of people who have actually taste-tested them, so you can use these reviews to make an informed decision one which Fre wine will be right for your palate.

You may notice that none of the Fre red wine is included in this review, and that is simply because user reviews state that they are not as palatable as their white and rose counterparts.

Hopefully these reviews will help you narrow down which Fre wine you want to try first!

Best Fre Wine Options

  • Size: 750ml bottle or 4pk of 250ml cans
  • Style: Sparkling
  • Perfect for: Holiday Parties & Brunch
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  • Size: 750ml bottle
  • Style: Still
  • Perfect for: Baby Shower
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  • Size: 750ml bottle
  • Style: Still
  • Perfect for: Birthday Cake
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Fre Brut Non-alcoholic Champagne

bottle of non alcoholic champagne

Sutter Home’s Fre Brut Non-alcoholic Champagne is a sparkling wine made from grapes that are grown in California’s cool, foggy climate. It is available in a 750ml bottle or a fun 4-pack of cans. This non-alcoholic champagne has a bright acidity and fruit flavor that most people enjoy. Out of all the non-alcoholic champagnes on the market, this one is the best-reviewed!

Sutter Home Fre Brut Non-alcoholic Champagne is only 80 calories for a serving, which is lower than the classic brut champagne. Since this non-alcoholic bubbly comes in multiple size options, it is great for single servings and larger groups.

With a versatile flavor profile, this Fre wine works well in sparkling mocktails like a non-alcoholic mimosa or bellini. Simply add your choice of fruit juice!

Fre White Zinfandel

bottle of non alcoholic white zinfandel wine

Fre White Zinfandel is a great option for those who want to enjoy a glass of wine, but don’t want all the alcohol. It has sweet berry aromas and tastes like strawberry and raspberry.

The wine is made from grapes grown in warm inland California, and the alcohol is removed using Sutter Home’s spinning cone process. Reviewers who drink White Zinfandel enjoyed Fre Wine’s non-alcoholic version. 

– Great for those who want to enjoy a glass of wine, but don’t want all the alcohol.

– It only has 70 calories per 8oz serving, which is less than a similar serving of alcoholic White Zinfandel wine.

– It can be a fresh and sweet aperitif or pairs well with spicy Asian food.

Fre Moscato

bottle of non alcoholic moscato wine

Sutter Home’s Fre Moscato is a sweeter option for those who are looking to enjoy a drink without the alcohol.

Fre Moscato is made from grapes grown in California’s inland valleys that tend to be warmer, and has an aroma that is slightly floral with a flavor reminiscent of stone fruit juice. Fre Moscato might not be the best option for those looking for an alternative to dry wine, as it has a very sweet taste.

– Only 90 calories per 8oz serving, which is less than a similar serving of alcoholic Moscato wine.

– Great as a dessert wine substitute and a festive beverage for anyone who doesn’t normally like the taste of alcoholic wine.

Sutter Home’s Fre line of wines offers a great wine option for those who want to enjoy something that tastes good but doesn’t have alcohol. The variety of options in the Fre line can help you find that perfect drink, whether it be sparkling or sweet and fruity.

If we had to pick only one from this list, the best option for Fre wine is the Brut non-alcoholic Champagne. It would be perfect for any type of party where a low cost, no alcohol option is desired. Plus, it can mix well with fruit juice for more festive beverages.

If none of these flavors appeal to your palate, Sutter Home also has other non-alcoholic beverages that didn’t rate as well, so try at your own risk. Luckily, the cost to try is low for any of these wines. Give one of their products a try today!

• Fun for celebrations without alcohol- because who doesn’t love getting their festive drink on?

• Great drinks for warm weather events where mixed drinks are less desirable – no ice diluting your bevvie!

• Great non-alcoholic option for expecting or nursing mothers

• Some flavors come in cute cans that are great for themed parties and individual servings.

Drink Alcohol vs Prefer Alcohol Free Beverages

We all know that drinking alcohol isn’t the healthiest, but it’s hard to find a good substitute.

If you drink alcohol, non-alcoholic wine can be a great way to skip weekday drinks and cut back on the calories.While Fre wines contain more carbs and calories that other non-alcoholic wine, they still offer a lower calorie option to alcohol.

If you don’t drink alcohol at all, for medical or religious reasons or for your personal well being, there are tons of options available.  

If you’re looking for a low cost option to buy large quantities of non-alcoholic wine for a party, Sutter Home’s Fre wines offer a great option. The variety of options in the Fre line can help you find that perfect drink, whether it be sparkling or sweet and fruity.

The reviews speak for themselves. Whether you are skipping alcohol for a drink or longer term, non-alcoholic wine is a nice way to mix up your beverage options. With such a low cost, try one out for yourself!

Is Fre wine really alcohol free?

Fre wine has less than .5% alcohol by volume, which allows it to be called non-alcoholic. This is the same as kombucha and even some really ripe fruit!

How is non-alcoholic wine made?

Non-alcoholic wine is often made by removing the alcohol from regular wine. Sutter Home does this using a spinning cone process or a vacuum distillation process. The wine is then diluted with water to bring it back to its original alcoholic volume.

Is Fre wine gluten free?

Yes, all Fre wines are gluten free.

Does FRE taste like wine?

Fre wine is made from wine grapes, so it will have a flavor reminiscent of wine and those particular wine grapes. However, Fre wine is not a direct substitute for the alcoholic counterparts of each wine style. Most reviews suggest Fre wines tend to lean on the sweet side with a more sophisticated alternative to grape juice. It ultimately depends on your palate.

Can you drink FRE wine while pregnant?

Fre wine has a very very low amount of alcohol, but ultimately you have to decide what is best for your pregnancy. Unfortunately, we can’t make any suggestions regarding your health – you should always ask your doctor about your pregnancy concerns.

Where to Buy Fre Non Alcoholic Wine

Fre wine can be found in many local stores and on Amazon. If you’re wondering, “where is Fre wine near me?” you may actually have options. Depending on your location, you could pick it up at a Total Wine or Bevmo, where it has a much lower price tag. 

Hopefully these reviews have helped you narrow down your choice for best tasting Fre wine.

Check the non-alcoholic wine page for more in-depth reviews and tastings, as new and exciting products are consistently popping up!

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