Best Tiki Mugs for Serving Cool Tropical Mocktails

Tropical mocktails are so fun to make and taste delicious. What better vessel for serving up your mocktails than tiki mugs? The following is a look at some of the best tiki mugs and sets on the market today. With these, you can mix and match styles and colors to create a collection that’s uniquely yours! 

short tiki mug that looks like wood with traditional face carving with pineapple lime and mint

When shopping for the best tiki mugs, the most important factors to focus on are the mug’s design and capacity. To make shopping an even easier experience for you, I’ve also included a handy buying guide, as well as reviews to further help you score your ideal tiki mug.

If you’ve been to a tiki bar before, chances are you’ve seen these stylish mugs used to serve your refreshing cocktails. Tiki mugs are great souvenirs, and there are many styles out there – from traditional designs, to character collectibles, building your own unique set is part of the fun. Plus, they would make great surprise gifts for cocktail enthusiasts. 

And if there’s one piece of advice I can give you, it’s to not put these precious mugs in the dishwasher. As most of them are hand-painted ceramics. 

What is a Tiki Mug?

A tiki mug is a ceramic, wood, or glass drinking vessel used to serve tropical drinks in tiki bars. It is a sculptural mug that varies in size and design, but typically doesn’t have handles. The concept of these mugs was derived from Polynesian culture, and often includes tribal imagery and sculpture. Tikis were originally carved out of logs by the natives for religious purposes before being turned into vessels for drinking alcohol which is why today people associate them with tropical locations. 

My Top Picks for the Best Tiki Mugs

  • Capacity: 16 fl oz.
  • Features: Character meme
  • Brand: Geeki Tikis
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  • Capacity: 16 fl oz.
  • Features: TV Character
  • Brand: Geeki Tikis
Check Price →Read Our Review
  • Capacity: 15, 16, 25 fl oz.
  • Features: Colorful Set of 4
  • Brand: Linall
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  • Capacity: 15.2, 18.5
  • Features: Traditional Set of 3
  • Brand: Linall
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  • Capacity: 17 fl oz.
  • Features: Single Unique Mug
  • Brand: BonCera
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Reviews: The Best Tiki Mugs for Tropical Drinks

A tiki mug will help you creatively serve tropical mocktails and other refreshing libations. Enjoy making your favorite tropical drinks with the best tiki mugs in the market.

Geeki Tikis Star Wars Baby Yoda Mug

green tiki mug baby Yoda meme looking smug holding a cup

If you love collecting tiki mugs, and you love Star Wars: The Mandalorian series, you may just fall in love with the Geeki Tikis Star Wars Baby Yoda Mug. This tiki mug is a licensed Disney Star Wars Collectible item. The ceramic mug, which is part of the Geeki Tikis collection, holds 16 ounces of beverage. Baby Yoda is shown sipping out of his cup and smiling amusedly in this cute tiki mug.

This iconic tiki mug is made of durable, long-lasting ceramic material. And as pictured above, this tiki mug can be a difficult vessel to sip on. So, it’s always better to use a straw. Cleaning this mug may also be a challenge as a customer said. Nevertheless, it’s a cute addition to your collection. There is also another Baby Yoda tiki mug that is really great, where its eyes are closed and the mug is more of a monochromatic design.  


– Durable collectible mug

– Iconic and cute


– A bit pricey for one mug

Geeki Tikis The Golden Girls Sophia Mug

golden girls Sophia tiki mug in light blue

Here’s another collectible item in the Geeki Tiki line that you may want to check out. It’s the Geeki Tikis The Golden Girls Sophia Mug. If you love tiki and The Golden Girls, you may want to check this adorable tiki mug. This ceramic collectible mug holds up to 16 ounces, and because it’s Sofia, it’s ideal for throwing an extra round of quick-witted humor with your friends.

Much like the Baby Yoda one, this Geeki Tikis mug is crafted with durable ceramic material. To complete your collection, you may also want to check out the entire line of Geeki Tikis Golden Girls characters. This Sophia mug is also a licensed Golden Girls collectible product. And it will look great in any tiki cup assortment.

Better yet, buy one as a Christmas gift for each of your friends and fit their personalities to the mugs! 


– Durable collectible mug

– A great gift


– A little expensive

Linall Large Ceramic Hawaiian Party Mugs

set of four colorful tall tiki mugs

A nice tiki set is always a great option if you’re really serious about outfitting your home bar with some unique drinkware. The Linall Large Ceramic Hawaiian Party Mugs comes in four festive designs and colors that will surely add that lively touch to your mocktails. And the best thing about this set is that it comes in various generous sizes.

These tiki mugs are hand-painted and ​​fired ceramic vessels. And because they are large, I would consider this set one of the “deluxe” items of all tiki sets. Plus, they are reasonably priced for a set of four. 

The only few things I could see you complain about, however, is how the nooks and crannies can make cleaning these mugs quite a task. Some customers also say the inside is a bit rough. Just a few things to keep in mind.


– Comes in varying designs and sizes

– Colorful Design

– Reasonably priced


– Some customers say the insides are rough

– The nooks and crannies might make them harder to clean

Linall Tiki Mugs Set

beige and brown carved ceramic tiki mugs set of 3 different designs that match

Here’s another set of classic vintage tiki mugs, the Linall Tiki Mugs Set. This tiki set comes includes three mugs that are made of thick, extra-durable ceramic that is tougher, more attractive, and more sturdy than standard tiki mugs.

Much like the Large Hawaiian party mugs above, they come in varying sizes. The mugs are of the same color but have different carvings. I love the monochromatic, traditional look of these. However, some user reviews say the item might be fragile, as some packages arrived broken or chipped. Nevertheless, I think it’s still worth considering, as this can happen with shipping breakables. 


– Traditional tiki mugs

– Thicker ceramic material


– Mugs might be prone to chipping

– Smaller capacities

BonCera Tiki Mug

dark bluish green and gold tall tiki mug carved in traditional style and glazed

If you’re in the market for a single mug to add to your collection, you should check out the BonCera Tiki Mug. This tiki mug might just transport you to the laid back island vibe once you get your hands on it. It has a vintage design, and according to the manufacturer, it’s made of porcelain and is dishwasher-safe, although I would probably still hand wash it. 

This tiki mug features a generous 17 ounces of capacity, which is another reason it made it on the list. It is large, bold, and will stand out among your drinkware. 


– Sleek, vintage design

– Sturdy

– Unique

– Dishwasher-safe


– Only a single mug

How to Choose the Best Tiki Mug?

Before investing in a tiki mug, you must first consider the capacity it offers. Since these mugs can get pricey, it’s equally important to look at a mug’s price tag. Most importantly, the style of a tiki mug is the whole point.

Check the mug’s capacity

It’s essential to first know how large are the servings you’re planning to make. Standard tiki mugs vary in capacity from 14 to 25 ounces. Tropical drinks often come in 4 to 6 ounces in volume. But they are commonly 40 percent ice.

If you want to make drinks in larger servings with a lot of pebble ice, then it would make sense to get a larger vessel. Otherwise, a smaller tiki mug would be enough for small servings of tropical drinks. I suggest getting a tiki set. Some of them are available in varying sizes, plus, you get different designs for each.

Consider the price

As I’ve mentioned, tiki mugs can get a bit pricey, particularly, the limited edition and collectible ones. If you want to save more and get the most out of your investment, you may want to just purchase a tiki set. There are a few great options on this list from which you can choose. 

Read customer reviews

I have combed through all the reviews of the best tiki mugs to help you make the choice quicker. Every wise buyer refers to the customer reviews to get to know a product, because insights from verified buyers will help you narrow down your choices. 

Types of Tiki Mugs You Can Buy

If you’re new to the tiki mug scene, it’s worth knowing what kind of tiki mug you could get. There are lots of designs available in the market, so you’ve got options. Tiki enthusiasts love shelling out on vintage tiki mugs, but modern designs are popular as well. They are typically made of ceramic or porcelain, but there are also tiki glasses and wooden mugs. 

Vintage Tiki Mugs

Since many styles of custom and vintage tiki mugs are being produced for tiki bars and restaurants, mug enthusiasts seem to hunt for such mugs from established names. You’ll see these types of tiki mugs in popular tiki bars like the Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic’s.

Vintage mugs are etched with the name of the bar or restaurant they were designed for. And they are typically purchased as mementos. Especially when loaded with exotic rum beverages including the Mai Tai or Bahama Mama.

Modern Tiki Mugs

In case you didn’t know, tiki mugs are known these days as they were when they started booming in the 1990s. Many manufacturers produce these mugs for restaurant use. But you can also find them in retail stores. Almost every design in just about any theme is available. Some even reproduce vintage mugs, which remain fashionable.

Many talented designers are now putting their own avant-garde mark on tiki culture. These beautiful features pay tribute to heritage while incorporating a unique, artistic vision.

Tiki Mug FAQs:

Why are tiki mugs so expensive?

Getting custom tiki mugs can be quite expensive because they are often handmade. It takes time to carve, glaze, and fire ceramic mugs, and an artist has made their special creation in each mug. Many bars cannot afford to order such items in bulk, so they are usually sold as one-of pieces. 

How big should a tiki mug be?

If you make drinks with more ice, it makes sense to get a tiki mug with a generous liquid capacity. The Linall Large Ceramic Hawaiian Party Mugs includes a large vessel with a whopping 25-ounce capacity. But a tiki mug with 16 ounces of capacity is a good place to start. Since tiki cocktails are mostly ice, you can play with the amount of drink you serve. 

What do you use a tiki mug for?

Tiki mugs are used in serving tiki cocktails or tropical cocktails. They are typically decorated with fruit or fancy drink umbrellas and swizzle sticks. You rarely see them outside tiki bars and restaurants. Although some enthusiasts collect them as souvenirs.

Tropical Mocktails

This Frozen Non Alcoholic Pina Colada recipe would be perfect to serve at a party in your new tiki mugs. Or, experiment with Lyre’s White Cane Spirit (non-alcoholic rum) in tiki mocktails.

Final Verdict

My favorite is the cute and iconic Geeki Tikis Star Wars Baby Yoda Mug, but the Geeki Tikis The Golden Girls Sophia Mug would be a hoot as a gift. Either would be a great choice for tiki mug collectors to add a character twist to their drinkware.

If you want a whole tiki set for hosting, the Linall Large Ceramic Hawaiian Party Mugs and the Linall Tiki Mugs Set could be great options. They come in festive and whimsical designs, with varying sizes to choose from. And I think they are pretty affordable for getting 3 to 4 items.

If you are only looking to add one tiki mug to your collection, the BonCera Tiki Mug is a nice choice. It has a sleek vintage design, and it’s far more affordable than having a custom tiki mug made by an artist.  

I hope you find this guide helpful in shopping for the best tiki mugs for your refreshing drinks. Don’t forget to check out the latest prices and discounts on these fancy drinkware. I can’t wait for you to enjoy your well-crafted tropical mocktails in these cool mugs!

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