Best Tiki Glasses for Improving Your Mocktail Presentation

One of the most important parts of a mocktail is the presentation. Since this is also true when creating tiki drinks, why not put your mocktail in a tiki glass to make it more festive? If you’re in the market for new glassware for your drinks, check out the best tiki glasses below, and you’ll be quick to impress with your drink presentation.

cocktail in a pineapple tiki glass with a pineapple garnish is the star of the bar

The most important things to look for in a tiki glass are capacity, design, and material. To help you shop, I’ve found the best tiki glasses, complete with detailed reviews and a handy buying guide.

Tiki glasses make incredible drinkable works of art. They make really festive mocktails and add that touch of luxury to your bar. They are also a great addition to a collection of tiki mugs at home to serve tropical drinks to your guests. Plus, they make perfect gifts for cocktail enthusiasts!

My Top Picks: The Best Tiki Glasses

  • Quantity: 4
  • Capacity: 16 fl oz.
  • Brand: Libbey
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  • Quantity: 4
  • Capacity: 16 fl oz.
  • Brand: AMZ Empire
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  • Quantity: 4
  • Capacity: 8.5 fl oz
  • Brand: Libbey
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  • Quantity: 6
  • Capacity: 2 fl oz.
  • Brand: Godinger
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  • Quantity: 4
  • Capacity: 17 fl oz.
  • Brand: Libbey
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What Are Tiki Glasses?

Tiki glasses have been a staple tiki drinkware since the inception of tiki. These days you can definitely find them in a tiki bar or restaurant, but tiki mugs are more well known. Tiki glasses are simply glass vessels for serving tiki drinks, but some can be as ornate and fun as tiki mugs, which are traditionally ceramic. 

The great thing about a glass versus a mug is that it showcases the drink being presented, not just the drinkware. 

Tiki’s origins are a bit fuzzy but some trace it back to a man known as “Don the Beachcomber.” Don discovered island-inspired fruity beverages whilst traveling to the Polynesian Islands of the South Pacific and the Caribbean.

As prohibition ceased in 1933, Don founded “Don’s Beachcomber” in Hollywood. Then, Trader Vics quickly extended the influence of tiki across the United States. 

Reviews: The Best Tiki Bar Glasses

Shopping for the best tiki glasses shouldn’t be hard, but they might be hard to find since the tiki mug is a more popular style. Let me introduce you to the most festive and best tiki glass to help you with your mocktail presentation. 

Best Tiki Glass

Libbey Classic Statue Rocks Tiki Glass

Libbey tiki glass set with traditional face for mai tai mocktails

If you’re looking for the best tiki glass, the Libbey Classic Statue Rocks Tiki Glass is a classic addition for your collection of drinkware. This tiki glass has similar design to tiki mug carvings and pays homage to the tiki culture in the 1950s and 1960s.

With this Libbey tiki glass, you can bring laid back island vibes to your home. It’s a multipurpose glass for your cocktails, juices, and other non-alcoholic drinks. Anything will look nice in this glass!

The tiki glass offers a 16-ounce liquid capacity. It is also dishwasher-safe, so cleaning will be a breeze. However, when I was reading through reviews, some users suggested inconsistency in the glass between orders. When you purchase this product, you’ll get a set of four glasses. 


– Sturdy glassware

– Dishwasher-safe

– Fun design


– Inconsistencies in glass 

Highball Tiki Glass

AMZ Empire Screaming Tiki Glasses

tall tiki glass with screaming face design and blue tiki drink

The AMZ Empire Screaming Tiki Glasses are highball style tiki glasses that feature a traditional design that mimics tiki mug carvings. The set even comes with some bonus flair: umbrella picks and cork coasters. 

These tiki glasses are thick and sturdy, but the rim is not too thick for all of the fruit garnish you will want to add for decoration. The slightly curved sides of the Screaming Tiki Glasses make them easy to hold. They are lead free and dishwasher safe. 

If you are looking to make some great-looking non-alcoholic rum drinks, this glass will help you rock your presentation. Go ahead and pick up a pack of reusable metal straws (link to check price on Amazon) to make the set complete. 


– Traditional carving design like a tiki mug

– Thick and durable

– Set comes with bonus flair


– Slower shipping than others

Best Tiki Coupe Glass

Libbey Amber Stem Coupe Tiki Glass

coupe glass with gold tiki totem stem

I personally like things with a vintage touch and the style works well with tiki culture. The Libbey Amber Stem Coupe Tiki Glass is a unique design for a tiki glass. The design of this glass adds an interesting and quirky flair to your mocktail presentation, with its gold tiki stem and wide rim coupe.

This stemmed Libbey glass comes in a set. It includes four 8.5-ounce coupe cocktail glasses that have a subtle tiki touch. These tiki glasses are durable and also lead-free, but require hand washing due to their shape and finish. 

This is a novelty glass, but hey, you could use it for wine if you’re hosting guests who don’t love fruity beverages. 


– Unique design

– Doubles as a coupe and tiki glass


– Hand washing required

Best Tiki Shot Glasses

Godinger Pineapple Crystal Shot Glasses

mini clear pineapple shot glasses

If you want something fun to serve you rum mocktails in, try these Godinger Pineapple Crystal Shot Glasses

You might not think shot glasses and non-alcoholic beverages would make any sense together, but these could be the perfect drinkware for a themed baby shower!

This set includes six 2oz tiki shot glasses in a cute pineapple design. Some reviews suggest the short stem makes them slightly unstable, but who could resist these for a party? 


– Adorable design

– Perfect for parties


– Might be a little unstable

– Small for mocktails

Pineapple Tiki Glasses 

Libbey Tiki Pineapple Glasses

pineapple design tiki glasses with red cocktail and palm garnish

If you love the pineapple shape of the previous option but need a full sized glass, grab this set of Libbey Tiki Pineapple Glasses. There are four 17oz pineapple glasses in the set, and they would be perfect for tropical mocktails. 

These Libbey Tiki Pineapple Glasses are sturdy and durable and dishwasher safe, and like the other glasses they are lead-free. Libbey’s tiki collection has delivered some excellent options and these are no different. 

Check out this non-alcoholic frozen pina colada that would be perfect in these pineapple-shaped tiki glasses. 


– Cute design

– Large capacity


– Inconsistencies in glass

– Hard to drink out of without straws

A Buyer’s Guide to Selecting the Best Tiki Glass

As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, it’s important to consider the design, material, styles, and capacity of a tiki glass. Below is a detailed guide on how to select tiki glasses based on these important criteria. 


The material of your tiki glass is essential. Tiki mugs are generally made of ceramic, while tiki glasses are made of glass. It is also possible to find plastic versions. While those are appropriate for pool parties, glass will be best for quality mocktail presentation. Tiki glasses should be sturdy, and thicker glass is better for keeping your large drink cool. 


Since there won’t be alcohol in your mocktail, larger sized tiki glasses aren’t as big of an issue. The types of drinks you will likely put in your tiki glass will be frozen or have a lot of ice. Because of this, a 16oz glass really isn’t 16oz of mocktail. Alternatively, if you are throwing a party and need something decorative for more guests, the tiki shot glass could be a fun option. 


All of the glasses listed come in sets, which is usually the most economical option. You might have to spend a little more to find individual glasses that are unique for your collection, or buy several sets and mix and match for gifts. 

Tiki Glass and Tiki Mug FAQs

How big should a tiki glass be?

The ideal size for a tiki glass should be 12-16oz, but it really depends on the drink. Most beverages made for these glasses will be mostly ice or frozen, so they tend to be larger than your average cocktail. 

How do you decorate a tiki drink?

Tiki glasses are commonly garnished with fruit, herbs, and accessories like umbrellas and straw. They are oftentimes decorated with small vegetation like palm fronds and flowers. The more flair you can add to your tiki drink the better. 

Be sure to add swizzle sticks and straws, given the drinks are heavy on the ice. I especially like this kit on Amazon that has all the cocktail flair included in one package: bamboo straws, umbrellas, garnish picks, and more: 

144 Drink Umbrellas and 100 Bamboo Picks, 8 Bamboo Straws (link to check price on Amazon)

What is the difference between tiki mugs and tiki glasses?

Tiki glasses are made of glass and might have decorative designs, and tiki mugs are most often ceramic with carved designs. Typically, neither have a handle. They are both used to serve tropical drinks, but I like to serve lots of different mocktails in tiki glasses because it makes it more of a festive beverage.  

This type of glass or mug is not something you’ll commonly see in use other than tiki bars and restaurants, but they are great as collectibles or a fun way to spice up your home bar’s drinkware. If you would prefer tiki mugs, here are the best tiki mugs for your tropical drinks.


My favorite is the Libbey Classic Statue Rocks Tiki Glass because of its simplicity and classic tiki design. It’s sturdy and perfect for any tropical mocktail. 

For a pineapple themed baby shower, I love the Godinger Pineapple Crystal Shot Glasses. They are so cute and would be perfect with small servings of rum mocktails. 

Hopefully you enjoyed this guide to finding the best tiki glass for your mocktail presentation. You’ll be impressing your guests in no time. Be sure to check out the latest prices and discounts on these cute tiki glasses. 

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Hi, I’m Angela! Ever since alternative beverages made their debut, I’ve been on a mission to find the best. As someone who loves wine and making craft cocktails, I approach each new beverage with curiosity and a healthy dose of skepticism. I hope these honest reviews will help you learn which non-alcoholic drinks are best for you.