Best Citrus Knife for Crafting Artful Drink Garnish

If you’re looking for the best citrus knife, the most important factors you should consider are the knife’s blade size, sharpness, and ease of grip. To help you find the ideal citrus knife for you, I’ve put together the best bar knives everyone swears by. I also made sure to include only some of the most affordable bar knives in the market. Because you don’t need to shell out to get the best ones, you know?

best citrus knife with lemon wedges and twists

Garnish is the finishing touch for a fully crafted drink. Citrus garnishes, in particular, are the simplest to make and they are a very visually appealing way of decorating your cocktail. However, if you want to make your garnishes, you won’t achieve a beautiful shape without the right tool: a citrus knife.

A paring knife is one of the most common tools in slicing and cutting citrus peel. Such knives are very versatile tools. A serrated paring knife is also a great option if you want wedges and wheels. The serrated knife’s sawing stroke makes it very easy to cut through tough citrus peels, all without squeezing or puncturing the fruit.

Top Picks for Bar Knives for Citrus

  • Blade Length: 3.5 inches
  • Blade Material: High carbon steel
  • Unique Feature: Short blade
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  • Blade Length: 4 inches
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Unique Feature: Best value
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  • Blade Length: 3.5 inches
  • Blade Material: High carbon steel
  • Unique Feature: Rounded handle
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  • Blade Length: 3.75 inches
  • Blade Material: German high carbon steel
  • Unique Feature: Serrated knife
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  • Blade Length: 5.5 inches
  • Blade Material: German high carbon steel
  • Unique Feature: Traditional style
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  • Blade Length: 3.9 inches
  • Blade Material: Stainless steel
  • Unique Feature: Lightweight
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Reviews: The Best Citrus Knives for Cocktail Garnish

Crafting artful garnishes is so much easier with a good citrus knife. I’ve spent time hunting for the best products online and came up with some of the most affordable knives. Get to know each of the products I’ve listed here, and decide which one suits your budget and garnishing style.

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Paring Knife – Best Overall

paring knife for citrus

If you’re looking for the best citrus knife, the Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Paring Knife is the ideal choice. This bar knife is made of high carbon steel material. Plus, it’s built to withstand slicing and peeling — all thanks to its rust and corrosion resistance properties!

The Mercier paring knife features a triple-riveted Delrin handle. This handle offers the proper grip to assure comfort and safety while crafting the prettiest garnishes. Its full tang design is built for durability and superb balance. This bar knife also has a rounded spine to provide a more ergonomic grip.

Another feature I appreciate is the sharpness that the taper-ground edge provides. It increases efficiency and stability when cutting through lemons and limes. Also, it has a shorter bolster which allows the bottom to display the entire blade edge. This makes honing the knife easier. This extremely sharp knife is NSF-certified for safety and it even comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


– Durable and sharp blade

– Ergonomic design

– Easy to hone

– NSF-certified

– Comes with a limited lifetime warranty


– The spine is rather sharp

Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife Set – Best Value

2 piece set of best citrus knives

We all love getting the most out of our investment, and that’s why the Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife Set exists. With 2 different styles, these fruit cutting knives can create any type of citrus garnish you need for cocktails.

The 4-inch blades are Japanese stainless steel and come with a safety sheath, so the knives can be stored safely in a kitchen drawer or in your travel bar tool set. The serrated edge is perfect for making cross cuts for wheels and wedges, and the smooth edge is best for twists and peels. 

The Kuhn Rikon paring knives have slightly curved handles for a more ergonomic grip. The blades also have a non-stick coating on them, so food doesn’t stick, and the best part – they are dishwasher safe. This set is perfect if you’re on a budget or need both types of knives. 


– Set with two types of knives

– Very affordable

– Dishwasher safe


– Not the highest quality

– Some say the knives don’t stay sharp

TUO Paring Knife – Best for Twist Garnish

paring knife with a comfortable rounded handle

You will make some great citrus twists with the TUO Paring Knife. This knife is made with high carbon steel material and has a blade size of 3.5 inches. Its blade tapers to a point and is intended to be a combination of elegant and practical performance.

This TUO knife features a sharp edge and has a full-tang frame with triple rivets integrated to provide durability for everyday use. I appreciate the ergonomic design of this knife. Every curve and angle of its handle provides a snug, yet comfy grip. Just like you need to make twists.

The blade of this knife was manually polished to a satin finish, which I think adds to its appeal. It features a luxury black pakkawood handle, while the silver triple rivets emphasize the overall harmonized design.


– Sharp and durable

– Ergonomic design

– Sleek satin finish


– Handle needs refinement

DALSTRONG Serrated Paring Knife – Best Serrated Knife

serrated paring knife for citrus

If you’re looking for the best serrated knife to get thinner slices of your lemon, the DALSTRONG Serrated Paring Knife could be your best choice. This serrated knife is made with German high carbon steel, with a sharp edge that’s hand polished. It features a full tang and an ergonomic handle with three rivets. This ensures comfort and easy maneuverability.

The DALSTRONG serrated knife is laminated and polished. Plus, it’s an NSF-certified tool, assuring you that it’s safe to use in any busy bar and kitchen. This knife is precisely tapered for maximum hardness and flexibility. As well as cutting strength. A true workhouse that deserves a space in your bar tool arsenal.


– Durable and sharp knife

– Ergonomic design

– NSF-certified


– Serrated teeth are too far apart for finer cuts

TUO Kitchen Utility Knife – Best Multipurpose

best citrus knife with wood handle

When you buy a bar knife for citrus fruit, a paring knife is always a good option. But not all of them can do more than just cutting and peeling lemons. The TUO Kitchen Utility Knife, however, was built for a lot of functions. This is the most traditional looking knife among the products on the list, perfect for adding style to your bar tool set.  

This TUO knife has a lightweight and slim 5-inch blade, and it’s the jack of all trades. You can cut meat, veggies, and they are especially best for cutting fancy citrus garnishes at ease. This versatile tool is made of high carbon German stainless steel and has a strong and durable blade.

The steel is precisely manufactured with high-tech vacuum thermal treatment to achieve a Rockwell hardness of 562. It gives the knife the perfect toughness, rust tolerance, and edge retention. And much like most of my favorites, it features an ergonomic handle that offers exceptional comfort when in use. Its full tang also gives it a nice heft, which is another thing I appreciate.


– Durable and sharp knife

– Multifunctional

– Bigger blade size

– Sleek and ergonomic design


– Blade might be too thick for other purposes

– A bit large and bulky

Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife – Budget Pick

lightweight bar knife for citrus

Now, if you’re on a budget, check out the Victorinox Swiss Classic Paring Knife. I like the different colors that come with this paring knife, as it can complement the color of your citrus. And the best thing about it? It’s super affordable! So, it’s great for those who don’t want to have a long-term commitment to such a tool, or keep it exclusively in your bar tool set. 

The Victorinox knife features a sharp 3.9-inch blade that’s made of stainless steel. It’s dainty yet, it has enough heft to it, and it’s functional. It’s perfect for cutting fresh limes and lemons. Its handle is made of plastic, making it a lightweight option for simple everyday garnish crafting.


– Durable and sharp knife

– Comes in various colors

– Lightweight with good heft


– Blade is a bit flimsy

– Handle is too thin

Buying Guide and Tips: Choosing the Best Citrus Knife

When shopping for the best citrus knife, don’t get just any knife. You must consider how it functions and how sharp and durable it is. Ergonomics are the most important. Refer to the handy buying guide below to know more.

Blade Size

Citrus blades come in different sizes, shapes, and forms. There are several sizes to choose from when looking for a citrus knife. And since paring knives are the most popular tool to peel and cut citruses, a blade size of 3-3.5inches appears to be the best option.

Razor Sharp

The sharpness of the blade is undoubtedly the most significant factor to look into. You’ll need a razor-sharp blade that can quickly cut and peel fresh produce. The best paring knife should be able to cut up smaller citrus fruits.

Serrated blades are ideal for snipping out little pieces of citrus pith. All things considered, I suggest you choose a knife with a blade that’s sharp out of the box and stays sharp.

Material and Durability

To get the most out of your knife, choose one with a high-carbon stainless steel blade. Ceramic blades are one option, as well. These blades are more delicate, yet they endure longer. Standard stainless steel blades are long-lasting. However, they are not as long-lasting as their high-carbon equivalents.

Ergonomic Grip

The comfort of handling a citrus knife is an important factor to consider. While peeling and cutting smaller citruses like lime, an ergonomic grip improves the knife’s precision and maneuverability. Another thing to think about is the material of the knife’s handle.

Citrus knives come in non-slip, textured, or wooden handles. For folks with larger-than-average hands, you might want something with a longer handle. 


Lower-priced knives are valuable to store in your kitchen drawer, and they are ideal for simple everyday use. These are low-commitment knives that are perfect for those on a tight budget. They are a good option if you do not intend to stick with an expensive citrus knife.

At affordable costs, these knives even have high-carbon stainless steel blades. They also offer a range of handles. Cheaper knives are sometimes even more comfortable in the hand than their more expensive rivals. Many lower-priced knives also come with a one to five-year warranty.

How to Make a Lemon Twist Garnish Using a Paring Knife

The twist is one of the most popular cocktail garnishes, and they are very easy to make as well! Channel knives are the traditional tools for making twist cocktail garnish. But if you don’t have a channel knife, you need not worry. As long as you have a sharp paring knife and the best wood for cutting board, you’re good to go. Learn this by following the step-by-step guide I learned from Sonja and Alex.

  1. First, cut your lemon width-wise into a circle.
  2. Remove the peel with a paring knife, cutting off as much of the pith as you can. Take out the lemon and set it aside for another use.
  3. Cut once into the peel circle to make a strip. Then, twist it and hold it for a few seconds to keep the form.
  4. And just like that, you can top your drink and serve!

Best Citrus Knife: Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of knife is used to cut lemons?

Paring knives and serrated knives are used to chop fruits and veggies such as lemons, limes, and grapefruits. If you want a handy tool that cuts your garnishes precisely, these knives work wonders.

Which is the best knife for peeling lemons?

When peeling a lemon, the best tool to use is a sharp paring knife. Although a standard chef’s knife is the crown jewel in a chef’s toolbox, a bartender’s best friend will be a paring knife. The best paring knife makes  simple bar duties like chopping lemons or peeling oranges an easy task.

What is the best knife for cutting fruit?

A chef’s knife is a versatile fruit cutting knife. However, the blade of a chef’s knife measures between 15 and 35cm, and you might feel that its large blade is cumbersome without much space on your bar. A paring knife will be best for peeling and creating beautiful garnishes. 

Wrapping Up

All of the citrus knives on my list have durable and sharp blades which offer ergonomic design. Remember that when it comes to decorating your drinks with citrus, precision is the key. And always pick out the one that suits your style and fits best in your hand. It will be the one you will want to use for a long time.

For recipe ideas, browse the collection of mocktail recipes to practice your garnish on.

Don’t forget to check the latest prices and discounts on these awesome citrus knives, and as always, good luck and happy garnishing!

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